Our wheel shop is location on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.  Here we have the facilities to offer full refurbishments on painted, diamond cut, split rims, fully polished and motorcycle wheels.

The process of a full refurbishment


Diamond cut alloys

  • Visual inspection (tyre condition,cracks and any other damage)
  • Remove tyre
  • A  job number is etched onto the wheel
  • Same number is written on tyre
  • Wheel is inspected  for buckles
  • Wheel is stripped of existing paint
  • Wheel is aqua blasted to remove any corrosion and to key for primer
  • Anti corrosion powder coat primer is applied
  • Colour is then applied
  • Wheel is then placed into a digital lathe for diamond cutting
  • Powder coat lacquer is then applied
  • After a cool down period tyres are refitted.  New valves are also fitted if necessary and tyres are balanced


Painted alloys

Painted alloys go through the same process as diamond cut alloys except any damage is sanded out after they have been aqua blasted and they do not go into a lathe.

*Wheels are quality controlled at every stage.


Other services

  • Welding
  • Straightening
  • Bespoke colour changes
  • Powder coat anything metal as long as it fits in our oven.  Contact us for more details.


Please note that we will only weld or straighten a wheel if the outcome is going to be safe.  Also during the straightening process your wheel will be put under immense pressure and we cannot guarantee that it will not crack as a result.


Painted Alloys


Diamond Cut Alloys


Split Rim Alloys


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