Frequently Asked Questions

SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technique and is a method of repairing minor body work damage without the use of a body shop.

Anywhere convenient for you providing the vehicle is off the road with space for us to park and there is access to power (alloy wheel repairs require your vehicle to be on a flat surface).

Yes, but to a limit. All our technicians have either a small tent or an awning attached to the side of their vans to protect your vehicle from the wind and rain. They also carry heat lamps to dry panels in cold damp conditions.

We use a special paint scheme to mix up the required colour at the time. This means our paint is always fresh and we can also adjust it to match older cars with faded colours.

Large flat horizontal areas such as roofs and bonnets almost never come out clean and grit free when they have been painted in mobile conditions and so we will refer them to our body repair centre.
As for SMART repairs on wheels, we only repair minor damage to diamond cut and fully polished alloy wheels as you cannot duplicate the same finish.
We can't repair or replace cracked or broken lights and glass.
We can't repair structural damage that your vehicle may have sustained.

SMART repairs on body work and alloy wheels can be done in a few hours of solid work unless there are different sections that require repairs.
Full refurbishments on alloy wheels take 2-3 days.
Our Body Repair Centre will aim where possible to have your vehicle back to you the next day.
Ultimately we will do our best to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible and an estimated repair time will be discussed with you when you book.

Simply because you just can't guarantee that it will not come back.

You can pay by all major debit and credit cards in our reception or over the phone. Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer. All payment details will be located at the bottom of your invoice, which you will receive once work is completed.


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